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With unlimited access to decades of in-house experience, we’ll work alongside you to understand the challenges you face and tailor make contract manufacturing solutions to fit.

All PEC, mainline products undergo rigorous testing, and our approach to contract manufacturing is no different; the same renowned commitment to product quality is applied to every project we undertake.

Our commitment to investing in a successful win, win result means we have the ability to increase production capability to meet your demand; manage your inventory to ensure rapid response times and provide the greatest level of flexibility for finished goods or sub-assembly output.

In addition, our manufacturing costs are extremely competitive even for short-run or low-volume products thanks to our ‘build to order’ production systems and processes which are designed more for customisation. Of course, high-volume production is even more competitive.

By employing PEC’s range of core competencies, your own business will be able to focus on what it does best.

Assembly Services

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